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Sky PerfecTV! Support Booklet

Welcome! To SKY PerfecTV!
We have put together the information in this booklet to help you enjoy SKY PerfecTV! for many years to come.
By all means, read through it and enjoy.

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English Program Guide

3 Services of SKY PerfecTV!

  • ・Basic Service
  • ・Premium Service
  • ・Premium Hikari Service

3 services of skyperfecTV is available here.


If you have any questions about SKY PerfecTV!, please feel free to give us a call.

Sky PerfecTV! Customer Center 0120-039-888(#9) Open 10am to 8pm(365 days)

The automated guidance system will give you options, so make your choice about registration/enquiries from the following menu.

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*The SKY PerfecTV! Customer Center phone lines are often busy between 10am & 11am and at the beginning and end of the month. You’ll be connected more quickly if you avoid these times.